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Since there are different positions in football, there are also different types of gloves. Each position needs different conditions on the equipment. mehr / weniger


Linebacker and runningback

Linebacker and running back mostly wear slightly padded gloves. Since you are in contact with these positions, you need something more stable football gloves. They should have a combination of agility, protection and good catching characteristics. Even receivers and cornerbacks also like this kind of gloves.

Receiver Cornerback

Most receivers and cornerbacks use American Football gloves without padding. Thus, it focuses more on catching the ball and less on the contact. These lightweight gloves are minimalist and have very good grip properties. Tackle and ground contact should be avoided with these gloves but because they are designed only for catching balls.


Then there are still plenty of padded gloves that are mostly worn by lineman players. In these positions like O-Line and D-Line, there are heavy contacts every turn. That's why these special gloves are also used in places where the contact would hurt. Especially the back of the hand and fingers are affected here. In the offensive line, there is also an additional palm padding to make the blockage more comfortable.
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