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American football equipment

Without the American football equipment, no move without injuries would probably end. In order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible you should get advice here or shop right away. The current manufacturers adhere to defined standards and deliver high-quality products. mehr / weniger

American football helmets

The football helmets are made of polycarbonate today. These helmets are difficult to break and provide the best possible protection with a comparatively low weight. Each helmet also has a face mask. This protection is made of metal and is available in different versions. There are different game positions on the football field. Depending on which position a player occupies, one chooses either a facemask with a large field of vision (for example, quarterback, wide receiver, kicker) or for a facemask with a small field of view, which ensures maximum protection (for example, linemen, running back, linebacker).

shoulder pads

The current shoulder pads are made of shock-absorbing material, which is also breathable and ensures a high degree of freedom of movement. They are essential according to the rules and should fit like a glove, not too big and not too small. Measure the shoulder width from the left AC bone to the right one. These must always be covered by the first pad under the shoulder flap. If you have a big chest, you can also take one size bigger, otherwise the pad will always slide up.
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