Wilson Sporting Goods is a renowned brand in American football, providing high-quality equipment since 1941. Known for their official NFL footballs, named "The Duke," they feature premium leather, hand-sewn ends, lock-stitch seams, and triple lining. Wilson continuously supplies these quality balls to the NFL. They also have a long tradition in making protective gear, including face masks for helmets, making a name for themselves in the sports industry through innovation and quality. Key products include:

  • Wilson Football AFVD Game Ball F-1000, Senior (Official German Ball): Designed for top-level competition, it offers exceptional grip and durability, handcrafted from genuine leather for optimal playability.
  • Wilson Football Preparation Kit: This kit includes products for football maintenance and preparation, enhancing their lifespan and performance.
  • Wilson Football Hand Warmer: Designed to keep players' hands warm in cold weather, offering a practical solution to maintain hand functionality during games.

Wilson is valued for its longstanding experience and commitment to quality and innovation in sports, making its products popular among both professionals and amateurs, solidifying its reputation in American Football.

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